Welcome to Luvy's BBQ....SLOW and LOW is how we roll!

     We just added this section. If you have had our BBQ or meals, please email us and give us feedback. Here are a few things our customers are saying!

"The BBQ had a wonderful smoked smell and taste that I've never had before~it was delicious! Cant wait to have it again and again." Renee (Winston-Salem, NC)

"The meat has a nice smoky taste to it without being over powering.  The sauce is served on the side which I like so that you can tailor it to your taste.  I will be going back." Billy (Winston-Salem, NC)

"I tried this rub on some pork chops my brother had cooked and it was delicious! This rub has the best flavor! A great blend of sweet and spice. I can't wait to get some for myself." Dep (Winston-Salem, NC)

"Mike I had to let you know how much I enjoyed the Bar BQ at the event the other day. The flavor of your ‘Q made my taste buds come alive. I had to pace myself to keep from eating it down in just a few bites. Let me know the next time you provide the ‘Q. I will be there."

"We tried the BBQ and the sauce out today, it was delicious! We have tried many varieties of BBQ and I must say that this was one of the best that we have had! Perfect smoked flavor on the meat, we even ate some of the meat without any sauce because it was so good. I highly recommend Luvy's BBQ to anyone looking for some delicious catered food. You won't be disappointed :)"
Stephanie (Germanton, NC)

"Just wanted to let you know that your bbq and sauce is the bomb very satisfied one of the best we have had!"
Adam (Germanton, NC)

"Hey! Tonight was the first time I've had the pleasure of eating your bbq! My family is in love! My dad even loves it and he is picky about stuff like that. Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much we enjoyed it tonight! Thank you!!!" Rachelle (Winston-Salem, NC)

"We had Luvy's BBQ for our family Christmas gathering and it was amazing. The BBQ was cooked to perfection and the macaroni and baked beans were a huge hit! The beans were topped with bacon and had hamburger in them and were my favorite part! Mike was really easy to get in touch with and even delivered the food for us. Great service, great owner and great food!!"

Preston (Winston-Salem, NC)

What our customers are saying about our vacuum sealed fronzen BBQ!

"Hey Mike, your BBQ was Awesome!! Really tender and super tasty! Could not tell it was ever frozen. Great job!
Thanks, Ngoc" (Winston-Salem, NC)

"It was absolutely delicious. I ate 6 sandwiches from it Sunday. Little mayo, hot sauce and some BBQ slaw and I was in a coma. I was wondering length you cooked it?" Jeff (Winston-Salem,NC)