Welcome to Luvy's BBQ....SLOW and LOW is how we roll!


Boston Butt, 24 buns, and bbq sauce=$40

Jumbo Smoked Wings (25)=$18

Smoked Wings, Bleau Cheese/Celery=$20

Full Brisket (12 lbs. precooked)= $75

Brisket by the pound= $12

Boston Butt=$35

Full Boston Butt pulled and chopped=$40

Pulled Pork by the pound= $9

Side Items

BBQ sauce=$5

24 buns $6

Half pan baked beans=$30

Full pan of beans=$50

Half pan of smoked Mac n cheese=$35

Full pan of smoked Mac n cheese=$60

Half pan of slaw=$25

Full pan of slaw=$40

Full Pan Banana Pudding=$60


Thank you, Mike Lovelace 336.414.0732